The butcher in the barn stocks top quality free-range meat. It is all ethically reared and beautifully butchered. Our cattle are reared on the Quex Estate; they are the native Sussex breed. The Sussex breed was originally a draught animal for ploughing and farm work but over recent centuries it has made an excellent beef animal. If you are driving around locally from Ramsgate to Sandwich the herd can be seen grazing on the land behind the former Richborough power station site during the summer months.  

They are reared on grass and by products such as waste apples, pears, potatoes and silage; they are run extensively and allowed to mature in their own time. All of our beef is hung for three weeks greatly enhancing the quality of flavour and tenderness.  We also stock from time to time Dexter beef from Di Smith in the Alkam Valley.

Our sheep are Romney, again they are the traditional breed of the area thriving on the marshes during the dry summers and equally coping with the wet winter months. They are reared on grass and hay or silage during the winter. Like with the cattle this ends with us producing a very natural and enjoyable meat product. We believe that because the grazing areas for the cattle and sheep are so close to the sea the grass picks up salt which improves the flavour of the meat.

We keep pigs behind the barn at Birchington, They are housed in open dry yard and enjoy being able to bask out in the sun and enjoy all elements of the weather.

We stock free range chicken, turkeys and geese from Lawtons Poultry in Dargate.  We sell our own free range eggs from our happy hens that live behind the barn and also down at our smallholding at Kings End. Our sausages are made by our butchers, Derek and Andy on site and are widely acclaimed

We will happily offer advice on cooking and preparation


Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers

Every day, Lorraine our greengrocer stocks up with delicious fresh local fruit and vegetables, including strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, asparagus, cauliflowers, cabbages, potatoes, all grown within a few miles of the barn.

We also benefit from the Quex House nursery garden where Sue the gardener grows organic herbs, cut flowers, lettuces plus a host of other seasonal goodies.   


Lorraine also makes wonderful bespoke Floral Gifts and Hampers which can be tailored to meet your needs, just select items from the barn you would like to include. 

Or why not have a hand-tied bouquet delivered to your table? 

Local delivery can be arranged for bouquets and hampers and if your order is over £30 enjoy a complimentary box of chocolates.




Joe our fishmonger has just been given his own dedicated building for the fish at the front of the barn.                                                                                                                                                                      

He benefits from being able to get locally caught skate, cod, bass, plaice and other species straight from the local the boats.  He also stocks fish from waters all around the British Isles depending on availability and seasonality.  The counter is open Wednesday through to Saturday from 9 to 5pm.









Dan our deli man stocks many Kentish Cheeses.

Winterdale Shaw is a handmade hard cheese matured for six months in stone cellars in the North Downs of Kent. Smoked Winterdale is also available.

Kentish Blue is an unpasteurised mould ripened blue cheese handmade by Steve and Karen Reynolds from Staplehurst, Kent and made from their own Friesian cows milk.

Ashmore farmhouse cheddar is made in Canterbury also Kentish Brie and Canterbury Cobble are all excellent local cheeses.

We also sell Stinking Bishop which is a soft creamy cheese and gets its name from the variety of pear used to wash the rind which gives the cheese a wonderful lift. It has an extremely strong aroma and people either love it or hate it.

Waterloo is a wash rinded, semi soft unpasteurised cows milk cheese with a full bodied flavour. Duddleswell is a well matured cheese made from unpasteurised sheeps milk which is a welcome addition to the range.

Dan cures and cooks his own hams, salt beef, tongue and he has a large selection of oils and vinegars.




Our baker Jerome produces bread from Wednesday through to Sunday. He makes many different types including Olive and Oregano, Walnut, Six Seeded and Tomato.

He also make scones, quiches, scotch eggs, meat pies and our famous sausage rolls.  All these are made with our own produce, the meat from our butcher and eggs from our own hens.