In the shop we stock wide range of products produced in Kent. 

We have an array of Kentish Beers, Ales and Ciders, including Gadds of Ramsgate, Wantsum of Canterbury, Old Dairy from Ashford, Boutilliers from Faversham, Canterbury Ales, Goody Ales from Herne, Biddenden Ciders and Bexley Brewery to name but a few.

Also jams, preserves and pickles from Farmhouse Kitchen from Tilmanstone, Whitstable Pickle Company and many more.

Fruitcake from Simply Fruitcakes in Canterbury, Cookies form Zingiberi Bakery in Herne Bay.

Home made fudge, dessert sauces and confectionery from O’er the Moon in Cranbrook.

Ice Cream from Simply Ice-Cream and Solley’s Dairies,

Curries from Chai Stop in Minster and a range of cooked ready meals from Cooks of Sittingbourne.

There are a host of other products from Kent and beyond.

We also pride ourselves in stocking things that are not generally available in the supermarkets.

Please ask when visiting the shop if you do not immediately see what you are looking for.