About Us

At Quex barn we have a butchery, a delicatessen, a wet fish stall, bakery department, fruit, veg and floristry, coffee shop and restaurant. We are passionate about local produce and are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most productive and fertile land in the British Isles.  This provides us with a fantastic range of local fruit, vegetables, livestock and being within two miles from the sea, fresh fish.

Quex Barn is situated at the entrance of Quex Park Estate in Birchington on the Isle of Thanet.

At QUEX BARN we are on a mission to bring fresh local produce to local people, as well as to the many welcome visitors to Kent. We are passionate about good food. Our Butcher stocks top quality free-range meat from our own livestock. Our eggs are from our own hens and the fishmonger boasts locally caught fish straight from the boat (as well as other varieties which are not so readily available on the Kent coast), while each day more delicious fruit and veg is sourced from local farmers. 


Our fully licensed restaurant opens at 9am for breakfast of our own bacon, sausages & eggs and all the trimmings.

We also serve lunch daily and some evenings, so come and have a relaxed meal in wonderful surroundings eating local food. With the finest ingredients, all sourced from the barn, each dish is cooked to order   -   fresh and delicious.